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Who we are

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Our mission is to give Africa and other developing markets a fair chance at creating and rebuilding our own communities and environment; a fair chance at education, entrepreneurship, healthcare and true independence through the provision of free internet service access to all.

With free internet access to all in countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and Ghana the youth will have other options including exercising their talents in program development, content creation and online trade.

With the promises of the Internet, we can strengthen and increase benefits in several industries such Agriculture, Health, Education, Finance, Small, Medium Enterprise Development (SMEs), Governance, Energy and transport. Using the Internet trends of today, we will ensure a sustainable Africa for tomorrow.

“Our mission”

In Nigeria and in global emerging markets, #FreeTheWeb with partners is committed to the provision of free internet access.

By this, we will enhance the social, political and economic impact of the internet in African nations just as it and other related technologies has done worldwide. Africa needs more moral & youth support and the guidance to harness her resources to develop. We have the resources and the human capacity but need to stretch our minds further on how to solve our challenges. With the internet as today’s main global mode for trade we can achieve top goals on everyone’s list for Africa. Then there is the fact that unlike the older forms of information and communication the Internet users can both contribute knowledge to the system and gain information from it creating benefits in several areas including:

  • Youth Development/Empowerment
  • Business Development, Entrepreneurship
  • Job creation
  • Education and training
  • More resources into the hands of women
  • Provide economic growth and adds to GDP
  • Boost Nigerian content creation and distribution
  • Health – Including locating epidemics using trends in regional search terms
  • Conduct better research
  • Provide increased clients/customer relationship management
  • Data and information storage

“Our Team”

Everyone… that includes you. Join us on this amazing mission to lift Africa into a self sustaining stage. Everyone should have access to the internet for this will singularly propel us to the fore front of civilization since we already have access to practically all other resources including human capacity.

Developed these business websites for free:

Sharp Sharp Media joined the #FreeTheWeb program – Sharp sharp media: is an online site that updates you on the latest Local and International News. 2013

Mbga Events joined the #freeTheWeb program – The Most beautiful girl in Abuja (MBGA) is a beauty pageant organized annually by Dolce Entertainment Limited in the Federal Capital of Abuja. The pageant has been in existence for over Twelve (12) years and has gained good reputation throughout the federation. 2013

Chuddyk joined the #FreeTheWeb – Kent records, a subsidiary of Kent Synergy ltd intends to bring something new into the Entertainment industry. 2013 –

Plus Consulting, LLC (PC) joined the #FreeTheWeb program in 2013. Plus consulting is a full service Management Consulting and Accounting firm that was launched in 2003 –

Legal options joined the #FreeTheWeb program – Legal Options has had hands on experience in commercial law and practice. Legal Options help to facilitate financial transactions and advise on commercial entities. 2013 –

HOT FM joined the #FreeTheWeb program –  Nigeria’s vibrant FM Broadcasting scene! It’s hot, it’s sizzling, it’s HOT FM! Using the state of the art broadcast technology. 2013

And many more organizations are joining and benefiting from the lowered cost of services from our members and online marketing. Contact us to know the several benefits of a member or follower.

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