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Roman trade with India according to the Periplus Maris Erythraei, 1st century CE.

Today, when we think about the core centre of modern civilization the first countries that come to mind is Greece and the ancient Roman Empire. This is because the wise leaders of these countries realized that prosperity bordered on trade, i.e. exchange of goods with neighboring countries. Therefore, they established trade routes, which then aided the free flow of trade.

The internet today, is that trade route source which will not only connect us to our next door neighbours, but to the WHOLE world. With the internet, the world becomes one country where we can trade products, services, information and intellectual properties freely. It is for this reason Africa needs free internet, everyone should have access to the internet for this will singularly propel us to the fore front of civilization since we already have access to practically all other resources.

FreeTheWebNg.com hopes to draw in the required support by providing membership benefits. These benefits are mainly related to internet and marketing services provided by other members free or at discounted rates. Some benefits include: Free website domain name registration, free website development, free website hosting services, branded email services, social media marketing, online advertising and more to all businesses, organizations and/or supporters.

This is with the added intention to display and preserve the history rich African culture online, thereby enriching the African and global public on all things African. With the support from technical partners and members, the African continent will be provided a tranquil way to access information in their communities and to resources around the world. This will instantly provide an avenue for entrepreneurship for the ever increasing youth, women and head of household. The ultimate goal is to eradicate poverty in Africa. Through the provisions of fair play free internet access and resources this is achievable with time, focus and consistency.

We at the #FreeTheWeb Project believe that the Internet (in whatever distribution system: PC, television, wireless or some yet to be developed system) will transform our social, political and economic lives. We further believe that the influence and importance of the Internet will dwarf that of the most important cultural influence of the past 50 years: television. Potentially the Internet represents change on the order of the industrial revolution or the printing press. Believing this, our #FreeTheWeb Project is designed to get in on the ground floor of that change, watch and document what happens as households and African nations acquire and use the Internet.

We plan on starting this #FreeTheWeb Webvolution in Nigeria and then provide it to the rest of Africa one nation at a time. Spread the word by following us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + and sharing information about the movement and using #FreeTheWeb in your messages.

Here are a few areas providing free internet broadband to Africa will extremely benefit and may even eradicate poverty. Also See: focus areas.

  1. Universal Affordability
  2. Public Access
  3. Economic Development
  4. Competitive Advantage
  5. Public Education