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GMAIL Clocks 10years

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Gmail clocks 10 years, the Man behind it is called  Paul Buchheit  who is a developer working for Google. The idea of a web based mail came to Paul Buchheit when he was in college working on his project which was to create a Personal E-mail software.Gmail was  intentionally launched on April fools day, April 1 2004, since then Google was inspired to launch 10 other Google products were on April fools day for fun  Here they are below:

2007 – Gmail Paper: This is where a user would click on a button and Gmail would supposedly mail an ad-supported paper copy email archive for free

2008 – Gmail Custom Time: This was introduced to allow users to send out up to 10 emails per year with forged timestamps

2009 – CADIE: This automatically reads and responds to emails of users

2010 – Google suffered a vowel outage for the English home page for G mail, which included its logo

2011 – Gmail Motion: Was made to give users opportunity to navigate through emails, send and dictate messages through their physical actions using their webcams

2012 – Gmail Tap: An application for iSO and Android that can be used to double typing speed using a revolutionary new keyboard.

2013 – Gmail Blue: An application that made completely blue in color

2014 – The “Shelfie” : Introduced on the 10 anniversary to give users a chance to share selfies with all their contacts in the background of the email window

Culled from searchenginejournal.com

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