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Why Social Media Means Big Opportunities for Women

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Companies in developed countries are looking to reach women. Whether as customers, entrepreneurs, employees or advocates – have an opportunity through social media to engage them. For women, social media presents abundant opportunities to lead, effect change, innovate and build relationship across sectors, locally, nationally and globally. This can also be achieved in Nigeria , the more small businesses get online, there would be need for feedback from people online who most likely would be women  on products, services, and marketing campaigns—sometimes before they go to market. Here are some tips on what women usually find interesting online.

Topics women usually read and comment about online:

1. Entertainment

2. Food

3. Health/Wellness

4. Recipes/Cooking

5. Fashion/Beauty/Shopping

6. Sex/Relationships/Dating

7. Arts & Crafts

8. Parenting

9. Politics & News

10. Home /Garden/DIY

11. Travel

12. Business/Career/Personal Finance

13. Social Activism

14. Pregnancy/Baby

15. Sports

16. Cars

17. Shopping

18. Technology/Gadget

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