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Why Nigerians Should Adopt Social Media Recruiting in Nigeria

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Why Nigerians Should Adopt Social Media Recruiting in Nigeria


1. You get to save time while contacting hundreds of potential employees. The usual traditional method of recruiting requires HR department to test candidates and conclude interviews to choose the best which usually take up months because of the large number of unemployed Nigerians social networks streamline the process and decrease its duration.

2. Its cheaper to post job vacancies on Twitter and Facebook than spending money on newspapers , t.v ,radio, paid websites, also giving a chance to reach a large audience to find the best candidate.

3. Instead of using the traditional resume , which would be extinct in the future of hiring, because of the emergence of social media. It would be a lot easier for companies to contact, discover the right candidates, do background checks for the position available.

4. For companies who need technologically savvy employees, they would need people who use social networks and understand latest trends and developments in the internet world. All you need is conduct a personal interview e.g the incident during immigration recruitment shouldn’t repeat itself again. All that could have been avoided with social media recruitment adoption.

Candidates can use social networks to expand their circle of connections so that they get the opportunity to meet new recruiters, hiring managers, business owners and influencers through their growing connections.

The internet has revolutionized the way people do their job, businesses interact and how employers find potential employees.