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Top 10 Small Business Marketing Tips

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Paying attention to marketing and trends for your small business can make the difference between success or going back to work for ‘Oga at The Top.’

No. 1 – Network, Network, Network
No. 2 – Become an Expert – Read, study, learn and know your business
No. 3 – Know your Consumer – Be your own customer, that is put yourself in their shoes
No. 4 – Make Time to Market
No. 5 – Follow Up with Consumers

No. 6 – Have a Web Presence – The Internet is a great place for additional exposure and marketing avenues. People research things on the Internet before they buy or use services, and if you aren’t on the Web, you’re missing a marketing opportunity for your small business. Web hosting and design can range anywhere from very inexpensive to expensive, depending on what you purchase, but reasonable rates can be found to put up a Web presence for your small business with your contact information, products and services.

No. 7 – Have a Plan

No. 8 – Start a Newsletter, Twitter account or Blog – Keeping your business in front of the consumer will make them remember you when they need your services or products in the future. This can tie in with tip No. 2 of making yourself an expert in your field.

No. 9 – Don’t Spam or Scam – or over broadcasting on BBM… no one likes a nuisance

No. 10 – Network, Network, Network – YES! Do more networking! Join associations or groups that are specific to your field, join and associate with people in your field. Social media networks makes it even easier to do online. Never underestimate the value of networking.

Proper marketing (and not just advertising, or broadcasting on BBM), that is real marketing takes a time and effort, but is essential for business’s growth and stability. So just get out there, and don’t be afraid to put yourself and your business in front of millions of people online. There are so many options available now with the internet that will get your business seen and heard of quickly.  Let us know if you need the help.

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