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The mobile phone is an important medium for internet users as more and more people are relying on it to access the internet now that sites are being optimized to fit mobile phone. With the current statistics, you can’t ignore the facts, in Nigeria alone we have 101.2 million mobile phone subscribers. A survey conducted by Opera in its “State of the mobile web Report” last year revealed that 90% of Nigerian internet users between the ages of 18-27, said they use their mobile phones more than desktops or laptops to access information. Still with these figures the internet hasn’t been used to even half of its capacity, the need for Nigerians to digitize their businesses cannot be over emphasized.

The youth can generate income through the internet by picking from a variety of options be it Fashion/Tailoring, Photography, Branding, Events Planning, Tutoring/Webinars , Virtual assistants, Software Developers, Blogging, Entertainment/News, Paid Writing, Affiliate/Reseller, Advertising, Researching for others etc.

Lets all wake up and embrace the opportunities lying beneath us.

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