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How the internet can change Africa

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10 Life-Changing Benefits the Internet Age brought

  1. Modes of Communication – VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol – popularized primarily with the emergence of Skype and Google Voice), instant messaging and social media messaging.
  2. Online Banking – transfer funds, pay bills, receive payments, view statements and activities instantly.
  3. Online Education – never visit a physical university or college and still earn a degree from the comfort of your home
  4. Online Training and Seminars – Webinars have become extremely popular in the internet age, bringing together a virtual class online. Gone are the travel costs for both the trainer and the trainee, which lowers the cost for the class itself.  Anyone can basically put together a training class from the comfort of their own home with tools
  5. Searching /Researching – now looking for information is done in seconds. it’s like having a book, an encyclopedia or a dictionary and a professional consultant all in one. the manner in which one does research for projects, writing books or documentary has changed dramatically. Easily find legitimate resources with simple keywords.
  6. Social activism – the internet has greatly increased the effectiveness of non-profit organizations, humanitarian causes, global climate awareness, charity and donations as well have seen an increase in activity.
  7. Buying Online – Easy access to products globally
  8. Telecommuting – How we work has been completely redefined with access to internet
  9. Freelance Writing – There has been a major evolution in freelance writing mainly due to the high demand for online content and popularity of blogs. Now site owners can get free content from guest bloggers and from agencies that offer free articles related to your site focus in exchange for placing links in the content. As a business with the internet you can broaden your client base and write from home for clients around the world.
  10. Worldwide media accessibility – News, Internet radio, online videos, web shows etc the internet has broaden the reach of content providers.