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Do’s And Don’ts of Blog Design

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1. DON’T auto play anything. Whether it’s music or videos, please stop the madness. Granted, I think this one is pretty well known among folks but every once in a while I’ll still come across a blog that has music play automatically and there’s nothing – NOTHING – that will make me close a tab as fast as auto played something. Just, don’t.

2. DON’T use more than 3 fonts. A good rule of thumbs is one for your headings, one for body text and one accent font. Anymore than that and it gets messy and confusing.

3. DO use a sans-serif or serif font for your content. You work hard on creating awesome content for your blog so make sure your readers can actually read that awesome content. Handwritten and script fonts are all the rage right now but they are hard to read so stick to something clean for your content.

4. DON’T center align text. Center aligned text is hard to read because the reader has to find the starting point for each line. Center aligned text should be used in small doses, usually for things you want to draw attention to, like block quotes and titles/headings. That being said, there’s a few bloggers that have a writing style that works with center aligned text, Megan from Across The Pond is a good example.

5. DO use white space. One of the easiest ways to clean up your blog is by adding white space. Add padding around your content and your sidebar and almost instantly your blog will feel cleaner, less cluttered and easier to read.

6. DON’T get crazy with colors. One of the big mistakes I see bloggers make is going crazy with the colors. A good rule is not to use more than 2-3 colors in your design, anymore than that can get overwhelming. Another thing to consider is the nature of your content. Do you use a lot of colorful pictures? Use less colors. Otherwise you get a little more wiggle room with the use of color.

7. DO clean up your sidebar. You can have the most beautiful blog design or template in the world, but if your sidebar is packed with buttons, ads and blinking images, your design will look cluttered and unorganized.


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