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Did you know, that there are fewer people with internet connections in Africa than there are in just New York City?

It’s a very interesting fact when you find out that out of over 634 Million websites on the internet (as of 2012) Nigerian owned websites ranks very high. Some as high has top 1000 in the world. See Nairaland.com Alexa traffic rank: 909 as of today. Alexa.com provides traffic data, global rankings and other information on 30 million websites. In other words, you don’t get ranked unless you are one of the top 30 million or in the top 4.7% in the world! That says a lot knowing that Africa as a whole only counts for 7% of the internet users globally.

Its also good to know that many Nigerians have discovered blogging as something of interest, realizing the great potential it holds. Bloggers in Nigeria are making loads of cash by taking advantage of what the internet offers …access to millions of people without actually having to contact them. Its as simple as getting good content (news, pictures, videos, music etc) and sharing it with like minded people or those that want to know. So what do most do? Well mainly gist. Which is Awesome, get paid to give out information on something that interest you, basically write about what you know. That sometimes can be considered gossip though. But still the fact is that many in Nigeria are using the internet the way it should be used! A method to share ideas, information and services. How would you use the internet if you had it for free?

Check out Segun Adekoye compiled 2013 list of “The best 20 Nigerian blogs”. It is purely his own opinion and fabrication. Not sure what he used to rate them, some are suspect but these amazing bloggers are all rated on the Alexa.com some very high. Which goes to show you the power and interest that Nigeria still holds worldwide.

They are as follows:
1. Linda Ikeji: of course everyone knows she will make the list. Top blogger on everyone’s list and won a few awards in the 2013 Nigerian Blog Awards. Her website’s Alexa Rank is: 2,522 global and number 14 in Nigeria. Too bad its a free account on blogspot.com website… if she actually owned the domain name it’s estimated worth would be $29,692,395 based on its traffic and page views.

2. Bella Naija: traffic rank: 5785
3. Ladun Liadi:  Alexa rank of 9,125
4. 234direct:  not sure why this is on his list with a poor ranking at 7,539,006. in fact didnt come up when we tried to access it. Seems at some point it was ranked at 167,215. But not any more!
5. naijaPOSE:  Alexa ranking at 97,946
6. CP Africa: i personally like this site: http://www.cp-africa.com/ ranking at 163,781
7. GISTville:  Alexa rank – 87,100
8. Ogbongeblog: Alexa Rank: 36,951
9. 360nobs: Ranking at: 10,351
10. OneNigerianBoy: an up and comer fashion site. Rank: 256,577
11. Creativewritingnews: not sure about this one either… Rank:16,344,479
12. Onobello:  Rank:107,984
13. Naijatreks:  another with a pretty low ranking to be on this list. what is Segun Adekoye drinking? Alexa traffic ranking at: 1,268,489
14. that1960chick: Alexa Rank:50,472
15. Nigeriabestjobs: Alexa Rank:189,626
16. Eurekanaija.com: umm…. Eureka! another one that shouldnt be on this list. 🙂 ranking at 6,513,781
17. Naijastories: Alexa ranking 315,766
18. Tekedia: Alexa Rank: 839,466
19. Ynaija: Alexa ranking – 13,264

He goes on to mention other notable bloggers:

20a. Don Caprio – Nigerian popular bloggerDon Caprio is one of the top 10 popular bloggers in Nigeria – 2013. Don Caprio’s blog currently has a Google PR3, Alexa 18,183; Domain authority of 47, Subscriber base of over 10,000 and several thousands of daily pageviews.

20b. Chiamaka Okoye is the brain behind the success of jobberman, the number 1 job website in Nigeria. Currently, jobberman enjoys Google PR – 5, Alexa rank – 7,650; Domain authority of 48, Traffic – Over 3.6M page views and over 500,000 Unique visits monthly, Subscriber base – Over 750,000 Subscribers. Her Blog was ranked 1st in the Nigerian Bloggers’ award in 2012 as best Business/Career Blog both by Judges’ choice and popular vote.

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