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These days just as small business owners /entrepreneurs need to have an online presence in order to engage and attract both current and potential customers , so also do Doctors need to utilize the internet /social media to sustain relationships with prospective and current patients.

A doctor who is a professional must have a professional website designed with best practices to inform the world of his existence as a dependable source to potential patients who are

1. Seeking medical information

2. Tracking sharing symptoms

3. Patients get to broadcast how they feel about doctors, drugs, treatments, medical devices, health plans and hospital experiences.

#Digital marketing is an essential part of the branding and marketing strategy for every medical website, it  improves the websites ability to attract organic search traffic using a combo of social media, #blogging, emailing .

In #Nigeria with about 170 million people and about 40 million internet users this is a good opportunity for the Medical field . Do not be left behind , so Docs get digitized now.

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