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Raise Your Customer Base To 100,000 via Your Website for only N5000 with #ROOAH! services

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So you own a small business. Does your business have an online presence (Website).  Is your business popular? Are you products/services selling as wanted?. Do you need to increase the number of customer/clients you need to make your business grow?.

Enhance the growth of your small business via  online advertising with our website creation and social media marketing services with ROOAH! LLC.


1. Its Cheaper: Even though the use of internet might be perceived as far -reaching in Nigeria , it is by far the cheapest and effective form of advertising than others like Radio and television.

2. Capturing Large Market Base: If your small business is aimed at attracting younger generation or the corporate customers, advertising on the internet would be the best and easier for these target customers because they are always online surfing sites that have a link to your own small business. Which would result in them seeing your products/services online, making it easy for them to find you to become your new customers/clients.

3. You do not need to leave your location. Unlike t.v and radio ads which need to be updated, internet ads can be online for quite some time, changing is usually minimal.

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