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Join The #FreeTheWeb Movement and Get Free Web & Social Media Services

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Hey Family and Supporters! We’re just revving up here. Thanks for the increased support. We have awesome supporters from all major industries and thank you.

For the businesses that haven’t officially joined  yet, please do. We have great benefits from our technical partners. Currently if you join the #FreeTheWeb Movement now not only will you be bringing Africa closer to FREE INTERNET, increasing Socioeconomic development and boosting access to education for several millions but, also you personally will get benefits right now – Free Website, Hosting, Domain, SEO & Social Media Hype, weekly Alexa Ranking and SEO tips and more.

These services are free to our members and worth well over N250,000 ($1500+). So please email info@freethewebng.com, call +234.814.857.8880 or visit our membership page here on www.FreeTheWebNg.com

We are currently focusing on getting more African content online. That is, getting more businesses, bloggers, entrepreneurs,  news, developers and creative young African minds online. So take advantage of the packages we have worked hard to provide from our partners and vendors. Check our membership page.

Please comment, ask questions and support our efforts.