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Top 5 #Social Media Savvy Companies In #Nigeria

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Top 5 #Social Media Savvy Companies In #Nigeria

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#Social media has come to stay. And its effective use has become a pertinent tool in building brand awareness, loyalty and growth in modern businesses. In #Nigeria, two social media platforms command the most usage, they are Facebook and Twitter.

5 companies top the list of businesses in the country currently blazing the trail with effective use of these platforms. These companies are – GTBank, MTN Nigeria, Etisalat, Jumia and Konga. These companies have, through Facebook and Twitter, built brand awareness and loyalty by constantly engaging and interacting with customers and potential customers.

The criteria used in picking these 5 companies are the amount of followers and likes they have on their Twitter accounts and Facebook pages respectively, how often they share relevant product or service information to customers, if they encourage customers to provide feedback by leaving comments and how often do customers respond.

GTBank                                               GTB

Topping the list of these companies is GTBank, a financial services provider with a huge presence on social media. GTBank has over 1.1 million likes on its Facebook page and over 45,000 followers on its Twitter account. GTBank recently launched its social banking platform on Facebook were individuals with a valid Facebook user account can open an online account with the bank. It is the first of its kind in Nigeria. Immediately this information was shared on its Facebook page and Twitter account, there was a massive response by its customers and prospective customers who interacted with the banks’ social media team on Twitter and Facebook. Customers were ably informed of how the social banking on Facebook works. GTBank brought banking to its customers and prospects on Facebook by allowing them to open an account and do other transactions using their Facebook accounts. Also, their customer service is open to everyone on Facebook and Twitter.

MTN Nigeria                                                                MTN

Telecoms giant, MTN Nigeria is second on the list with over 959,000 likes on Facebook and over 168,000 followers on its Twitter account. MTN Nigeria gives up to date information about their products and services on these social media platforms. Their interaction with customers is satisfactory as customer service enquiries are encouraged and responded to promptly on their Twitter account. Through these social media platforms MTN Nigeria consistently interact with their customers by offering rewards and prizes to different quizzes and they take questions and suggestions from customers on the services they offer.

ETISALAT Nigeria                                                       ETISALATT

Another telecoms provider in Nigeria, Etisalat has an impressive presence on social media despite being a new brand. It has over 301,000 likes on Facebook and over 47,000 followers on Twitter. Etisalat regularly updates its customers on these platforms on new products and services and responds to their requests as well. Etisalat also informs customers of other activities they are involved in and their Facebook page and Twitter account is always buzzing with replies to customers’ questions.

JUMIA                                                                                                           JUMIA

Online retailer Jumia has a decent presence on social media. On Facebook, Jumia has over 251,000 likes and over 3,000 followers on Twitter. The e-commerce company allows client to order for goods on both their Twitter account and Facebook page. Jumia interacts regularly with customers via social media – updating and announcing the arrival of new stocks. Also, customers can track their orders on these social media platforms and the response from the Jumia team is good. Their Facebook and Twitter account is a beehive of activities on a daily basis and they have uniquely sustained this interaction with customers.

KONGA                                                                                                         KONGA

Konga.com, another retail online megastore, also has a good social media presence. Konga has over 191,000 likes on Facebook and over 7,000 followers on Twitter. Customers place orders on their social media platforms and track their orders on them as well. New stocks are also announced and displayed on their Twitter account and Facebook page. The interaction between Konga and its customers on its social media platform is also very efficient as customers’ requests are responded to promptly.

These companies through their effective social media presence have been able to sell their products and services on one-to-one basis to customers, engage people who are interested in their products and services i.e. their prospects, establish and maintain good customer relations and generate immediate response.


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