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Nigeria has been named among the top 20 countries that use the internet.

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With 45.04 million people that use the Internet, Nigeria has been named among the 20 top countries that use the Internet.

According to the usage statistics on the top nations on the Internet, Internet World Stat, Nigeria occupies the 11th position, just immediately after France, which has Internet population of 50.29 million. Nigeria also comes ahead of Mexico. with Internet population of 42 million.


This rating means that two per cent of global Internet population of 2.29 billion people are Nigerians.

On a population estimate of 170.12 million people, Nigeria’s Internet penetration ratio was put at 26.5 per cent. This means that 26.5 persons out of every 100 Nigerians use the Internet.

China took the first spot as the country with the highest number of Internet users, with an Internet population of 513 million.

However, China’s penetration was only 38.4 per cent because of its huge population estimate of 1.34 billion people.

In terms of Internet penetration, the United Kingdom took the first spot among the 20 countries with a rate of 84.1 per cent on an estimated population of 62.7 per cent.

United States and India came second and third in terms of the number of Internet users with populations of 245.2 million and 121 million users, respectively.

India, however, with a huge population of 1.19 billion people, has the least penetration of 10.2 per cent among the 20 countries, while the United States has a penetration of 78.3 per cent.

According to the statistics, Pakistan occupies the 20th spot, with a total of 29.13 million users but with a penetration rate of 15.5 per cent.

The top 20 countries accounted for 1.71 billion Internet users or 75 per cent of the global Internet users while the rest of the world accounted for 25 per cent.

Some countries that have the best Internet penetration in the world did not feature in the list of 20 countries because they don’t have enough population to be reckoned among the big users.