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Internet Then and Now… #FreeTheWeb

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Internet-then-and-nowIt’s hard to believe the Internet has been around for such a short amount of time in the form we know it today and it’s even harder to believe that social media sites and applications like What’sApp, Twitter and Facebook (all worth in Billions of Dollars) haven’t even been around for a full decade yet. The growth of the Web and social media has forever changed the way we live, purchase, gossip, date, learn and access media and news.

So why not for Africa? Why not use this amazing phenom’ for change in Africa? With more than 2.7 billion people online that is 47% of the worlds population Africa only accounts for 7% of that… mainly due to the recent increase of Nigerian users online, #GoNaija!!!

But, just imagine what it will be able to do to Africa in the next 10 years if we can give everyone access to the INTERNET? How many new billionaires will come out of Africa? Billionaires that will be proud to tell you how they made their money. #FreeTheWeb

For people under the age of 20, life hasn’t always been like this! LOL! Pleae to read more on how the internet used to be and how it has changed how we live today check out: NewsTex.com

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