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The Internet is a tremendous, undisputed force for economic growth and social change. Not only has it unleashed new forms of connectivity, but it has also provided an outlet for new forms of innovation, entrepreneurship and social good. The Internet has also proven a dynamic tool for stimulating economic growth in developing countries, with the World Bank reporting that a 10% increase in broadband correlates to a 1.38% increase in GDP growth.

Throughout the developing world, the Internet is connecting remote populations to markets and strengthening the overall efficiency of service delivery in areas such as health, education, livelihoods and financial inclusion, as well as creating access to government services for the most marginalized populations.

Business in Nigeria will benefit Nigerians if local contents become more accessible to the world through the internet, thereby becoming a good marketing strategy for companies and businesses to reach the markets for those who are seeking local contents online , which would in return bring about business growth and social change.

Start and integrate internet business in Nigeria by reaching and communicating  with thousands of people(clients/customers) in any geographic location in the world, making it easier to market your product and service from your computer with a click of the mouse.

Google Nigeria in the course of a research to assess what different internet users wanted online said it came up with the Dalberg Report , an analysis of its findings.

“The report looked at the social and economic advantages of achievements that are possible through internet use. The report intended to help policy makers capture the potential of internet for social and economic development, helping them understand how their constituences already use the internet where opportunities lie, what future potential the internet offers”.-Thisday Live