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A website is an effective tool for advertising your business, without it you would be stopping the growth of your business. For a website owner who needs to get noticed , here are some Tips on how to attract customers to your website and earn profits.

Social Media: This has become an important marketing tool, because millions of users go online everyday. This is where having lots of friends on the net becomes useful, a simple post or tweet on a friend’s wall will get you noticed by far.

Gossip: Believe it or not, humans love chit-chat, people love a good gossip to entertain or get informed on issues related or not to them. So causing some controversy or gossip is a good strategy for marketing since users are attracted to the unknown and other social news. Creating a good gossip about something is a good strategy to get users and customers to your website.

Guest Blog/post: Look for websites that relate with yours and ask permission from web owners to make a guest post, blog or article. This is also an effective way to market your website to increase your customer base.

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