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Meet Nigeria‘s very own Mark Zuckerberg. Why is he called Nigeria’s Mark Zuckerberg? “Nigeria’s budding Mark Zuckerberg” was the nickname given to him by Forbes. He is also being named “Africa’s Top Young Tech Entrepreneur” by ITNEWS AFRICA in 2011

His name is Gossy Ukanwoke, he is also the CEO, Students Circle Network. He graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.Sc in Management Information Systems from Girne American University.

He wants to tansform how education is provided and make it readily available for people who otherwise might not afford an education by creating Beni American University (BAU), the first of its kind in Nigeria , his reasons are as follows:

“Firstly I felt that I should make it easier for students and learners to find resources they need for academic work because I learnt most of my programming by self-tutoring online and I found it difficult to get resources that are in a syllabus. However when I did, I didn’t have other students to study with. Students Circle solves both problems.”

“Secondly, with the growth in demand, rising costs of post secondary education, and a demographic bulge in the youth population, young adults are faced with greater pressures when making the choice to attend post secondary school and graduate school. These pressures makes it difficult for the average African to gain access to quality education or resources at a low cost”.

“We realised that there was just a couple of issues in the educational sector in Africa. We have universities but they are not enough in comparison to the youth population. We have universities but the infrastructure is a challenge and then the cost of setting up something new was also a challenge. We were also looking at something that we could easily accommodate as many people as possible without the constraint of location or space or resources, so online was the best alternative for us. With an online university, you can take in as many students as possible; you can get professors from across the world. We have professors who are in the US, we have professors in Malawi, and we have professors in England.”

Gossy Ukanwoke admitted to the global problem of unemployment especially in Africa , but which can be reduced greatly by entrepreneurship and empowerment which he assured the world is in the curriculum for those with interest in studying management courses in the university. To read more click on the links above and below….


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