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Did you know you could get Internet via your light bulb?

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Did you know you could get Internet via your light bulb?

So what if i told u you, you could get internet access via your light bulb. Imagine if every light bulb in the world could transmit data?

This is no sci-fi question… or statement. It’s “Li-Fi” and it could bring you and everyone else free high speed internet.

Sir Alexander Graham Bell among his several other innovations created something called the Photophone, its like a wireless telephone that enabled sounds (including speech) to be transmitted through light. Its amazing to say the least. But whats more amazing is that its being further developed now.

This technology better known as ‘Li-Fi’, which stands for bi-directional, networked wireless communications using visible light, as opposed to traditional radio frequencies. This light-centric wireless communications technology has been in development by Professor Harald Haas at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland he calls it PureLiFi (previously PureVLC).

With Li-Fi, you can connect to the internet simply by being within range of a LED beam. With this and of course the correct devices like the Rooah! Peacock Tablet with built-in Internet we could actually provide Free Internet anywhere there is light.

Imagine that.

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