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Dictionary words that didnt exist before the Internet!

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WIFEY = Serious girlfriend, wife material

#FreeTheWeb Did you know these Top 15 Terms/Slangs/words were created with the Internets existence!

1.     LOL     Laughing Out Loud
2.     ALPHA     Head person of a group
3.     NOOB     New, inexperienced person
4.     WWWY     What’s Wrong With You?
5.     RYT     Right, alright
6.     (L)     Love heart (MSN)
7.     IKR     I Know, Right
8.     LHK     Love, Hugs and Kisses
9.     BBW     Big Beautiful Woman
10.     WIFEY     Serious girlfriend, wife material
11.     DG     Don’t Go
12.     KMS     Kill Myself
13.     <3     Love (heart shape)
14.     WBY     What (A)bout You?
15.     SELFIE     Picture of yourself, usually take

The Internet and Technology remains a catalyst for emerging words and is reflected in the new Oxford dictionary entries including: MOOC, bitcoin, Internet of things, BYOD, and hackerspace. Still more from the world of technology added in November 2013 high definition, live-stream, and iOS are now featured, as well as terms refollow, resubscribe, and hackable.

Here are some more of the tech-inspired new words entered in the dictionary:

  • click and collect
  • derp
  • digital detox
  • emoji
  • FOMO

Want more? LOL, find out what else was added here: huffingtonpost.com

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